golden hills.

by The Lingernots


Nearly a year ago, we packed up our treasures and arranged them in tretris like fashion in our Priscilla (the car, for you new readers) and drove off to a somewhat mysterious destination, with some hasty plan scribbled in the front page of a moleskine notebook… 11 Months later it was time to come back to California.

We flew this time.. the cab driver was the same as the morning of our anniversary/ first day of recording the EP, it was just a day of full circles..

We went to Bolinas, a magical surf town in the hills, hidden by a grove of Eucalyptus trees, Jim Carroll lived there when he took his NY hiatus, Janis lived there… it still holds its magic.

We went to SF and recorded in Lee Burik’s studio, which is like being in the inside of a genie bottle.. We recorded a video there with the talented Kate Hull Nye (that is for another post)

We went to a beautiful wedding in Stafford Lake to celebrate our friends Meredith and Dave..

I almost ran off with this little creature… It was an amazing trip, I feel blessed to have these people as my family. I can’t wait to go back, 11 months is too long.

Are you on instagram? we’ve been posting a ton of photos on there and there are some fun shots! Look up TheLingernots !

Stay tuned for a video for the Saint James Society and shows to come!