Keep the heart beating.

by The Lingernots

Somehow it got really bad and we didn’t notice until we actually realized that we had no idea where we were going to sleep for the next couple days. Apparently, these things sneak up on you. Thankfully thats been resolved, serenity restored, roof over our heads and a brand new apartment to call our own on the 31st! Enough about that, I’m still on a complete thrill high from last night at Mohawk, which was a culmination of amazing elements.

photo by Bobby Scheidemann

The girls behind my favorite Austin shop, Laced With Romance, have gone and started a gorgeous line called Dust & Drag and last night was the opening party! The clothes are dreamy, they’re not even clothes, they’re these completely magic confections that float around your body. Come get yours at

Austin Psych Fest had some bands play at Mohawk, and by some bands… well..

Feathers Boutique was there too and it was lovely to see people freaking out at Ax+Apple’s wares, I got a pretty tank by Alchemy…

If theres one thing to say… The past few months may have been tough, and exhausting, but the relationship I have and the love that is there is all I need, and I’d rather be hungry and broke, but rich in my heart, than secure and lonely.


To see photos from last night, check up on because she actually remembered her camera.