A Lingernot guide: Couchsurfing in style.

by The Lingernots

Are you one of those people with a full storage unit and no place to go? Still working your nine to five but not quite sure where to go after and before? In between apartments for a little longer than comfortable? Or is this something thats about to become your reality? Fear not! We’ve been doing this for month, in 100+ degrees, and in the last 2 weeks of this stupid ordeal, I decided to have fun and write a mini guide to couch surfing like a pro!

  • Not sure what to do with your day without being in the middle of someone’s space? Join a hotel gym. I’m not kidding, the hours are great, they always have nice pools and spas, and that way, you don’t even run up the water bill! When I have free time, you can pretty much find me at the Hilton gym, which is a whopping 60 dollars a month for everything.
  • Whole Foods salad bars is your friend. Stock up on niblets and toss them in salads or organic instant noodles! I’m totally addicted to the Thai Kitchen rice noodle soups, they’re organic, super light, and can be loaded with fresh veggies and, oh yeah, they’re 99 cents.
  • Don’t bring all your clothes. Its not fun to have thirty t-shirts crammed in a bag, you wont find anything and you’ll always be folding your stuff and looking for a place to put them. Instead, pack four or five different tops, two styles of pants, a short dress and a long dress.. If you feel the need to hoard, do it with jewelry instead because you can easily keep all that in one place. Besides, its only for a short while, right? (says the girl who has been out of a house for the past 2 months)
  • Try to make the bulk of your belongings fit a large weekend bag, you stay tidy and better, you can actually FIND your stuff when you need it.
  • don’t forget your headphones.
Follow these little rules and you shouldn’t be kicked out of someones living room TOO fast 😉