on painting

by The Lingernots

I used to paint everyday, a discipline that my friend Jerome Romain (http://www.romain-art.blogspot.com/) instilled in me once upon a time. Sadly, with all the chaos, I have sort of forgotten, and what used to be a 3 hour practice daily….. has become somewhat atrophied.

Recently I had been struggling with this nauseating feeling. I felt like I had no idea what to do with myself, was just talking myself into circles and becoming an unhappy person. I was forgetting who I was, and most importantly, I realized that it had been months since I had properly sat down, and worked on something that involved only water, ink and wood and imagination.

Getting back into it was difficult, my out of practice hand was confused and my head was impatient, and after a couple false starts and lots of primer to let go of my mistakes, I’ve finally come to a rhythm that feels natural, and when that occurs, everything makes more sense. Here, is to the beginning of a new painting, the first of 2011, the first of my muse, and the first of many to come.