by The Lingernots

I’m probably reading the horoscopes, or the rental listings, in the middle of a dance floor at Shangri-Las.

Its been a topsy turvy week..to say the least. We moved out of our brand new east Austin slum, goodbye rats and roaches, to a sweet temporary room at our gracious host Jordan’s place in south Austin, some neighborhoods just don’t want to let you go.I played records with the always amazing Jake Garcia of the Ripe at Cheer Up Charlies, and landed an impromptu chance to work behind the scenes for an episode of MTV’s Made, so the next day found me in Gonzales TX, which looks exactly like the title sequence in True Blood, at the Gonzales Rodeo Arena, in the company of a rad crew, and Hollywood Yates, an ex-American Gladiator turned Rodeo bull fighter, who knows more about Charlie Chaplin and Joan Rivers than you do. I don’t have photos because you can’t post photos or info until the episode airs, and it was a dustbowl anyway.

I seem to always be standing still.. Its also wedding season in my lovely family of friends, so I’ve spent more time flipping through endless seas of bias cut gowns in the past week, than I have in my whole life, thankfully my thirst of finding treasures is unquenchable, one down, one to go!

Those little things are doing really good, they are a bunch of lovebugs, and no, you can’t have one. I hope you can forgive me! The last thing is that we will be returning to our beloved California in september for a few days, I’m SO excited I want to be sitting at that terminal NOW. We have a special project with our loves that do theComeHitherGirls that should widen your pupils.