wicked gravity

by The Lingernots

We live on South Lamar right now, a sprawling blvd. that stretches across Austin in a way that seems different from the rest of the city, the name of the street itself reminds me of a beach town that wouldn’t be too far from Pismo beach, probably a bit more lavish, Pismo beach being akin to your favorite immature uncle that still sleeps on couch well into his 40s… The kittens are developing their personalities almost as fast as their little teeth and little claws are growing..

Caught a screening of Blank City at the Alamo Ritz on the 4th of July, yes, I was sitting in a movie theatre instead of BBQing, but I’m not really a fan of grilled meat, and Austin’s fire ban includes fireworks. Blank City made me envious, inspired and completely dreamy. Its exactly like a new friend makes you feel.

One huge point that hit me was at the end, all these film makers like Amos Poe, Jarmusch, Nick Zedd and Beth B were all talking about how back in the (Glorious) days, you pretty much had to fight and scam and do everything to make your movies, and today there are so many RESOURCES and materials.. That the possibilities are endless and how its really quite amazing, how they would have loved what is available today to be at their disposal back then… And me in my dark cinema seat thinking the whole time how lucky THEY were to live in such an era. I suddenly felt exactly like the sullen kid that is always complaining about their setting and not taking the initiative to change it. A cold shower, is what that felt like.

I’ve been on a steady literary diet of Anita Berber, Jim Carroll and Patti Smith and now I’m at that point where I’m running out of excuses when it comes to making things happen. Procrastination really is the devil.