Prove my love to them.

by The Lingernots

Some of you might know this, but we were just in San Antonio to attend the first interview for my application to become a legal resident, to get a green card. Thursday the 16th, we packed up a suitcase of vintage goodies, a whole bag containing precious jewels by Ax&Apple, a a swedish songbird named Ida, and a folder stuffed with “evidence of a bona fide marriage” and sped off to the sprawling, brick jungle of San Antonio.

We had decided to make this trip be more than a source of stress, the interview was a source of worry for me because B and I are not the most organized creatures, and we tend to spend more time collecting memories, than a paper trail of possessions that spell out domestic partnership.. So we booked a suite at Liz Lambert’s Havana hotel, and decided that between mint julep face masks and room service and the basement rhum bar, we would keep shooting for Ax&Apple.

We showed up to the big brown building and waited our turn, rode the elevator with a mister Villereal to a sunlit office, he took one look at us, and we spent an hour talking about rock and roll, whiskey bars, san francisco, and steaks. He then asked for my passport, stamped it, and sent us on our way, completely stunned and bemused, and thankful. Amazing.

This is just a little sneak peek of our stay. To be honest, it was such an oasis, that we spent more time with eyes wide open, enjoying the discreet luxury of it all. If any of you ever stay in San Antonio, make sure to at least grab some cuban coffee in their beautiful garden.

ps. all clothes by Lingernot Vintage, jewelry by Ax&Apple, photographed by Brandon Burkart, Styled by Elza Burkart.

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