a rant and a half.

by The Lingernots

Today was a day for scratching dry grass and moroccan draping cloths to lay on in itsy bitsy pink and gold bikinis.. Eating peaches and reading books and letting the strangers walk by, some came to talk, most wandered by with their indiscreet footsteps.. We met an actor who was killing time and keeping watch on the strange hawk eyed fleet of police cars parked at the end of the park.. We met a lion bearded man who seemed fuzzy, in his mind as well as his face who inquired about our books.. he stumbled and tripped audibly on the words written on the cover of the book Ida was reading, it was swedish, we explained, he asked if the book was written in german.. we looked back..


This time seems short, it seems scattered, it seems to not be the right time for all the things that need to be done.

Big, heavy, sigh. I wish I could take a jump to the left and a step to the right and dance more time into this week.


These photos are from the day that we got engaged, the feeling of complete freedom and endless possibilities was so overwhelming that we vowed to be together forever. I feel its time to get our things in order, to be free.