by The Lingernots

One of the soul crushing thing to find at work is a tidily written note from the manager saying “Hi Elza, do you mind doing the pants today? thanks, M.”

Doing the Pantsverb, meaning organize our epic stock of trousers/ denim/ jumpsuits by brand, size and gender. Time does not go by fast when I’m doing this, but its satisfying when its all over..

We finished mixing last night! It still needs to be mastered and then we have a shiny EP to… figure out what to do with it..

I’m DJing at Cheer Up Charlies tomorrow night! I’m excited, its one of my favorite places to be in Austin, I do hear that they’ve been having issues trying to keep their live venue permit and that really upsets me.

Cities are loud places. Don’t buy a condo on top of a bar thats been there since before you were born, and then bitch about being assaulted by noise. theres PLENTY of houses and apartments that aren’t surrounded by bars and clubs, where you’ll get a good night’s sleep. I see this happen in almost every city I’ve lived in, and its a drag.

I’m so sad that I missed the screening for this, I have a feeling that there might be more, and if not I’ll definitely get it on dvd, its really important that Austin stays musical.. this place is so special and I’m really proud and happy to live here, the people I’ve met have all moved here from other places, and are among the most generous and inspiring people I’ve met, I’d hate to just move here for the last death rattle of a real music scene.