She’s falling in love with a monster man…

by The Lingernots

This morning (or, afternoon, however, I was very much in a state of “just woke up”) we were all enjoying a sunlit brunch at the Blue Dahlia Café when a bloody zombie strolled by, followed by a troupe of camera men and people with reflectors and mics… I love it when weirdness runs by me.

We will be selling vintage at this party! Come have a drink and try on pretty dresses and take photos with us! We’ll be setting up a little lounge booth, its set to be a great night!

I am absolutely OBSESSED with Ellen Rogers. I want to live in a world as imagined by this woman, with all its beauty and monsters… on that note, Belle et la Bête, by cocteau, is sitting pretty on my mantle right now and I think its high time I made some dinner, and watched it..

grosses bises ❤