Wall of Sound

by The Lingernots

We’ve been recording at Cacophony Recorders with Erik Wofford for the past two days and its been an amazing experience thus far. Candice and I are completely unfamiliar at this, but to be able to start in this studio and with the band were in, is truly a blessing.

You can catch all the photos on http://thestjamessociety.tumblr.com/

where we have all our info/ upcoming shows/ flyers and soon, tracks!

As if today could get more magic, I just got a sneak peek at the photos that were done for The Black Swan Theory shoot, all shot on film by the lovely miss Shayne Stroud http://shaynestroud.tumblr.com/

There’s no hiding my love of all things ivory and lacy, so this look was a dream for me..

Wearing an insanely old French Connection dress that I found at work in the throwaway pile. Lately I’ve taken it upon myself to recommend shapes that might seem strange or awkward to people that come to the shop with a style rut.. It doesn’t cost anything to try clothes on and sometimes a little experimenting goes a long way. That, goes for anything in life.

I’ll leave you with this,

May 16th was our one year anniversary, to celebrate this year with the start of our record, in an amazing city with extraordinary people, not to mention the amazing dinner that our friend’s at 2nd Bar& Kitchen had for us, we are truly blessed.