It was Friday the 13th

by The Lingernots

Found myself nearly falling out of the warm bed, at six in the MORNING yesterday, to start getting ready for the Black Swan Theory photo shoot that day.. spent most of that time staring awkwardly in the mirror trying to remember where I’d put my powder brushes. The austin skyline is so beautiful at that early morning, the light is an icy baby blue with pink and gold tones, its quiet too.

We all met up at our stylist’s place for coffee and to get our outfits and do last minute hair, but most importantly, to torture her shy cat..

He is just SO beautiful! (and so very shy) We wrapped it all up and drove off to this condemned house that has been empty since the 50’s, we got lost, we finally found it and promptly got the sense scared out of us when a door slammed upstairs. We reconvened in the workshop that we found lower, in the garden…. where I broke a mirror.

Tools were still imprinted on the wall… There was just this worn beauty about the whole place.

Summer was snapping some photos on her phone during the whole thing… We also had a little wild fox spying on us from the bushes and she eventually strolled past us, all proud with a rat in her mouth. We were in heaven! We wrapped it up and Candice and I decided to catch some sunshine and river at the springs..

An hour of sunbathing and people watching and our batteries were recharged, we had a drink at Haddington’s and then I went home to keep working on some last minute details for the Lingernot trunk show at the volstead!

I also, recently got this beautiful antique opium snuff bottle that I refuse to take off!

I’m really in love with this one thats been living at the store I work in, it belonged to a southern debutante with a english boyfriend who brought it back from his visits to China in the 40’s.

so now my lovelies, I’m going to run off and pack for the show! See you there!

Volstead Lounge at the Las Vegas Hotel, 1500 E 6th Street, Austin TX