A lazy little post….

by The Lingernots

We had THE most frustrating hour at FedEx/ Kinko’s today, while trying to print out our poster for saturday, I had some pretty epic comeback dialogue rattling through my head, but I can’t bring myself to have freakouts at people like that…. So, no posters, I guess I’ll be hand painting those bad boys…

However, I’m at Cheer Up Charlie’s now, drinking spiced rhum from the inside of a freshly macheteed coconut, so, life is obviously absolutely wonderful. I have these pictures on my computer that are just dreamy.. so enjoy!

My great grand mother Lina


Also, Brandon won the regionals for the shaker contest, I want to thank everyone of you that have voted so far, we’ll see where it goes, but so far, the regional prize is a huge help for our record!

I love you guys