We didn’t play first.

by The Lingernots

If there was ever a day to indulge in vietnamese delivery (as if thats EVER a bad thing) and to curl up and watch Twin Peaks, this is probably it. That, or fly off the rope swing at the springs. Two very different things, equally soothing.

This morning I was feeling a little asleep. We had our first show last night! It was over before I knew it, very much like a roller coaster. I’m excited to see where we all go together! If you are interested, you can check out our tumblr blog by clicking here!  We haven’t recorded yet, but any info about events, projects, shoots and records will be on there.

I was feeling absolutely asleep today, incapable of being a hundred percent there, I popped these in the juicer and took the juice to work. SO delicious. Absolutely necessary. Its 3pm and I STILL haven’t had coffee.

I cannot get enough of little black dresses. I dig wearing formal wear during the day, I think theres never a need for an excuse to get fancy, and they’re so easy!

When its hot, she likes to hop in the fridge when we open it. The freezer too, its really cute.

The hotel San Jose (see previous post) graciously got back to me, but as it turns out, they don’t allow photo shoots in case the guests don’t want to be bothered by the camera, that night however, my brother (in law) Brian and I were walking off a Dim Sum coma and wandered into the lush Barton Springs neighborhood, and food just about the most psychedelic mini golf course you ever did see. Its amazing.

Who is going to psych fest next week? Stay tuned! I’m doing a psych-in-style festival post later!