Help the medicine go down.

by The Lingernots

Last night, at Cheer up Charlie’s at the perfect end to the week’s Voodoo Chile party, hosted by my lovely Candace, I proceed to, with a little help from my friends get a LITTLE drunk. We went to finish the last season of Californiacation at a friend’s house and I fell asleep instantly, woke up at seven in the morning, rolling off an unfamiliar couch with absolutely no idea where I was.

Now, I’m at work, where the retail gods are apparently listening, because its been SLOW, and I’ve had a chance to clean quietly and organize dresses and find mis-placed items.. I realized that as miserable as I was this morning, I was glad to be there, doing something, instead of in bed with the curtains drawn and wasting my day. A little productivity and the pain is gone!

I LOVE this. I want a sophisticated matching turban for all my lounging queen outfits. So there. Thats all. I love you guys.