LBD fever

by The Lingernots

For some reason, black dresses are what my hand has been reaching for when treasure hunting!

I remember a few years ago, someone incredibly important to me and my family was getting married, the wedding was to be a huge and beautiful affair and we had gotten a phone call stressing that we must look chic. At 19, chic isn’t anything that I really had in my wardrobe, because I spent my measly funds on pricey painting supplies, and I was on my way to the states for three months, so my budget was REALLY LIMITED. The desire to BE elegant though, was strong and the hunt for a dress was on.

30 boutiques and one nervous breakdown later (yes, I’m serious.) I walked into some random little store and on their sales rack was a simple, tulip shape black dress with a big silver zipper on the back that transformed the simple dress into a more provocative and edgy piece. It fit like a glove, and was under 50 euros and I was ecstatic. I still have it, almost 4 years later.

I found these two, and they’re really special little pieces, I hope that one day they will be in someone’s closet as that dress they know they can put on anytime they want to feel effortless and beautiful…