I’m short and its no terrible thing..

by The Lingernots

The heat tends to come and go really fast, but as of now, its here and everyones doing their best to get used to it. I was looking at a few photos and realized how much my style has evolved since being a place that makes it relatively useless to bundle up, you can get creative here without freezing your ass off, which, in SF, means wearing tights or leggings WITH EVERYTHING.

The other day at work, I wore this insane salmon pink lace mermaid skirt, its so voluminous that it basically looks like an octopus in the water.. I wouldn’t shut up about how much movement this thing had…

Im not sure why I look so grumpy.. Im wearing half a ball gown! I was also wearing giant heels and I’ll spare you the photo where I fall. (Its funny, and exists.) I was reading the current issue of Vogue, funnily called the SHAPE issue (isn’t it always?) and where, apparently this is the issue where all body shapes are included… the pages with bouncy women must have fallen out of my copy, but they did have an article or two, about short girls. I’m 5’1, and in Europe, I’m petite, in the US, I’m a fairy. The article, was the editors surprise upon seeing that shorter girls are saying a big “Fuck You” to the ancient rule that is ” Short girls can’t wear long dresses”.

Height, especially the slighter one, seems to be a giant (no pun intended) issue for the industry, editors are fascinated by height. there were three articles about petite ladies, and each height was addressed in the first paragraph of the article..

I do, remember the first time I thought that it was a dumb idea to entirely forgo a long dress because of my height.

February 2008 in Bangkok, Thailand.

I was at the big market with my mom, and we come to a stall with these beautiful dashiki dresses, in 2 styles, the conventional shorter, above the knee one, and a narrow, halter maxi cut. I wanted it, I remember her saying that it would make me look short,(sorry mom) but I tried it on anyway, and it looked awesome, Did it make me look tall? no, and why should I want that? (big difference between small, and squat, thats another issue) ANYWAY, huge detour, it was interesting to read an article about the people who pretty much WRITE, and then trap themselves in these so called style rules, and then proceed to realize that its changing. People seem to be experimenting a lot more with their style, to actually enjoy their body shape, a lot less misery in the air lately.

In other news, The St. James Society (our band) has a tumblr! We won’t be doing myspace, feel free to follow us there and we have a show at Club Deville coming up THE WEEK BEFORE PSYCH FEST.

BTW, who is going to Psych Fest?