Don’t think you knew you were in this song.

by The Lingernots


Once upon a time, in a town tugging at the skirts of San Francisco, a small girl with a choppy raven bob, was absentmindedly waiting in line at a Whole Foods checkout with her best friend, Danielle. The talks were of cigarettes, of what bands to see that night, of our mutual aversion to our boss, who had aderall, and could we just have it, when she gazed to an angular figure with skeleton gloves poking around at a sushi display, and her sentence trailed off to an indistinct mumble and the two locked eyes.

Fast forward about five years, for some time to become somewhat more of a formed person, to a castle-like house in the lush green california hills, the bottom of several bottles of whiskey, tears, kisses, cold sweats, sleeping in beautiful hotels, and the back of the car just to catch a desert sunrise, we said “I do”, and today, I see the forthcoming month of May, and realize that its nearly been a year since we gathered up a few of our closest friends, and walked barefoot down the aisle to the Stooges “Raw Power”.

Brandon Burkart, you still, and effortlessly (as far as I know) take my breath away. We are forever.