Mess with this bird…

by The Lingernots

I like to draw inspiration from all places, but my favorite is from film and photos, the fact that a moment can be stopped and kept forever as a memento is crucial for me, because I like to hang these all around me as reminders, as destinations..  I’m working on curating a collection of vintage clothing with a specific kind of woman in mind, and I can tell you, right now the house looks more like a house of cards with an avalanche of magazines rolling from the couch cushions and onto the rattan rug.. I spent some time at Vulcan video yesterday coming home with a bag of 60’s and 70’s inspired movies, and a Peter Fonda double feature (he always had babes)

I wanted to focus on women like Uschi..

Uschi Obermaier was the erotic symbol of the counterculture, the pop icon of the sixties and seventies, a model, film star, groupie, and lover– yet never let herself be pigeonholed or stereotyped. Her life of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll was like a road movie– dynamic, wild, at dizzying velocity, and completely freed from all bourgeois values. ‘I would betray any revolution for this woman,’ said Rainer Langhans, at whose side she posed unclad for Kommune 1. Turning her back on the politically ineffectual revolutionaries, she set off to do her own thing, to search for fun times and the ultimate kick. Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards– Uschi was craved by many. When something was going on she was always there, right in the middle. Finally she fell into undying love with Dieter Bockhorn, the Prince of Kiez, and travelled with him in his RV around the world.” (High Times)

I watched 8 Miles High, the german biopic on Uschi, not expecting too much, and was really surprised. Beautiful movie.

I have most of the film’s best shots on my Flickr, its SO beautifully styled,—> 8 miles high photos

(Why didn’t I post more photos of the actual woman? Because I wanted to showcase her wardrobe, and she’s not wearing much in most photos!)

love, Elza