words of the day

by The Lingernots

1. they reveled all night: celebrate, make merry, have a party, carouse, roister, go on a spree; informal party, live it up, whoop it up, make whoopee, rave, paint the town red.




toe-tapping melodies and inspired lyrics: outstanding, wonderful,marvelous, excellent, magnificent, fine, exceptional, first-class, first-rate, virtuoso, supreme, superlative, brilliant; innovative, ingenious,imaginative, original; informal tremendous, superb, super, ace, wicked,awesome, out of this world. ANTONYMS dull, poor.


Austin has been swept up by springtime, all the trees are blooming and birds are parading around, impressing their paramours… Our little house is coming along and I spent my morning finishing Fantastic Planet and painting more dramatic dames in my sketchbook and organizing things to get rid of (Spring de-cluttering)

I was sent this link which definitely made the morning even sweeter, I’m super honored!!


Alas, I did not end up seeing the black angels though… OH WELL.

love, Elza