we lose control sometimes

by The Lingernots

This sunday, I want: slumber.

However, that being impossible (I’m at work) I offer you some art that takes me places without my limbs moving. A long time ago (I think we were cruising the sunny streets of Tucson) I posted a few images by Javier Pinon, a brazilian collage artist. Heres some more recent pieces!

These oil paintings are by Juan Ford, Australian artist that I find extraordinary. I’ve been craving salt washed white walls and palm trees and seeing his work made me practically smell the beach towns I grew up in, which were hidden in eucalyptus forests, beaches strewn with bony sun bleached trees twisting into each other..

Last night was the last night of SXSW’s music segment, we had Rainbow Arabia and Spoek Mathambo play a dreamy set on Malverde’s balcony stage, it was a good way to end the night, everyone was exhausted, to end the night with his (Spoek’s) cover of Joy Divison’s Control was an experience.

Rainbow Arabia at the Apple store in SF

Spoek Mathambo’s Control

Even though I’m half asleep, I figure, my hair is shiny and its warm out, I’m going to go enjoy the last minutes of SXSW’s energy in the streets tonight.
love and kisses