Spin me right round..

by The Lingernots

You know what feels amazing?


gastroenteritis, aka Stomach Flu, which apparently is going VIRAL in Austin right now, and I had the luck of catching. Right before my 4 day stint at Malverde, which started last night. Sigh. Amazing the things the body will do to tell you that you need to relax.

What ACTUALLY feels amazing, is seeing hard work come to fruition. Tonight is the second of four showcases and I hope it goes as smoothly as the second one.

Going to the Eastside now to catch up withe the Stray Cat Booth at Cheer Up Charlies, and maybe score some clothes… as if I needed more in my closet 😉

Also, Pamela Love and Topshop are doing a collaboration. I usually don’t really care about Topshop or H&M collaborations, I like the hunt of vintage pieces far more than the quick thrill of a cheap frock in a pretty package, but Pamela Love, has been making jewelry that has consistently made me swoon. That reaction is quickly followed by a slight frown because I can’t in my right mind, put $800 in a pendant right now (Right now.) but I imagine that her collaboration with high street mastermind should be a bit more in my price range, and still beautiful. EXCITED!

Also, We’ll be there on saturday before I run off to Malverde for the Alliance Showcase ( Rainbow Arabia and Spoek Mathamba are playing!) I wonder what state I’ll be in by saturday. I may look like Lydia Deetz by then. love love.