Roll another one..

by The Lingernots

I have been neglecting to write in here, but that just means I’ve been busy living a life worth writing about! Hurricane Chloe came through Austin this week and with it came a whirl of champagne, beer, tequila, tall shoes and silk smoking jackets and Y-front underwear. It was brilliant. I hope their drive back isn’t too long. I hope they REMEMBER their trip. (If not, I have plenty of photographic evidence that would get ANYONE dropped off a family will, good thing were from San Francisco.)


Never underestimate the suave powers of a silk smoking jacket; It worked for Hugh, it’ll work for you.

In Other News…..

I’m working at SXSW this year as a stage manager and today the work load hit the red button in terms of WTF?

I love deadlines and lists and challenges and music, so this is right up my alley. I’m really excited and proud to be a part of this years events and I can’t wait to see the shows after all this talk and emailing. Its gonna be like seeing the rabbit come out of the hat after an hour of stage banter at a magic show.

“blahblahblahblah” + ” cool, yes, got it.” + “rent here and go here”= SHOWTIME

exciting stuffs. I’ll be at Malverde, the gorgeous babylonian hanging garden lounge above La Condesa. How did that happen? I showed up to the volunteer meeting that I saw in the paper. Why did I sign up? I’m new in town and want to expand my horizons and actually BE a part of the local music scene here.

I’ve been stocking up on beautiful silk chainette fringe and vintage chains, skulls and rooster feather trim for more jewelry.. I have some really soft necklaces like the ones pictured above coming out soon! (I can’t for the life of me recall where on tumblr that photo came from, so if any one can recall, please let me know!)


I feel the sun coming back, I am so ready to make it all happen. I feel good and I’m glad that I can write about that, rather than trying to find things to post about to MAKE me happier. I love you all and hope you’re all enjoying this new year!