by The Lingernots

The 2011 collection from Bjørg is in it self a journey. It’s a playful quest of a paradise lost to be recollected. Multicoloured feathers, bright blue horsehair and fluorescent opals, the beauty and fragility of a butterfly wing forever captured and kept in a small handmade glass dome. All reminiscences of that imaginary Garden of Eden.

Yet, temptation and the inevitability of decay is always luring as a reccurring theme. A shiny gold snake to be swirled around your fingers. Bones, knuckles and spine structures are crafted into powerful rings, cuffs and body chains.


This jewelry line, I want to say is completely out of this world, but to say that would be so wrong. I’ve rarely seen a line that uses so many organic materials, in such a dreamy way.