Duet with the Northern Sky

by The Lingernots


We’re lost and found
In the northern sky

Oh sing into me
And I’ll live another day

Oh realistic minds
Won’t you try and sing..
The dress will be sold through Lingernot Vintage
In other news- You might have noticed the ModCloth banner on the side? I think their site is great. No, we won’t be having a ton of advertisers invading with pointless ads.
I’ve been working on finishing up the Fauve &Hunter jewelry line; last night found me cross legged on my floor surrounded by chain, feathers and bones, it looked more sacrificial than creative. I got NOTHING done when I realized that I was out of silver chain. Something about this cold weather makes me veer towards pale colors. White and cream feathers, milky silk flowers and jade colored tassels and white pearls falling from head-dresses. I’m waiting for a giant box of white Ostrich feathers so I can get extra extravagant. Who wouldn’t want that?
Love love love.