by The Lingernots

If you hadn’t guessed by now, I’m a little anti winter.  I enjoy brisk weather and the occasional rainy day, but the longer blast of 30 degree weather and frozen toes has me a little bit surly and pouty… This girl is more than ready for sunshine and being outside…

over winter

over winter by ElzaBurkart featuring vintage t shirts


Getting handwritten letters and packages from family and friends in France has been a big part of the good.. and watching Elvira ( A LOT) yummy candles always burning at home, old school Cher movies (if you haven’t seen Chastity, get on it.) Painting curled up on the couch listening to records or being half distracted by really distressing Dexter episodes ( His wife and his sister make me want to impale myself with a hammer, wheres Trinity when you need him?) and yearning for leather and shoes… (does anything ever change?)

I’ve been waiting for a few books to arrive from Amazon, but while were here and I’m still homebound, I’d love to hear what your favorite books are because I’m starting to draw a blank when searching for new additions.