Its the little things

by The Lingernots

I have always found delight in the details.

As a child I would draw for hours and come to my mother bearing a family portrait, which even if it didn’t resemble us (my mother and I wearing aprons and dresses and my father a topcoat with a flower that I’m pretty sure I swiped from the mister men books.)they always had every detail down to a tee, all the way to the knots on our shoelaces and the lace at the hem of a dress, as detailed as you can get for a four year old who still put five bars in her “E”s.

Food is the same way. I’ve always played with my food.. A plate of mashed potatoes with their vegetable companions were transformed into valleys of creamed potatoes with little broccoli trees and carrot logs. I was never discouraged to play with my food as long as I stayed within the boundaries of my plate and ate my creations before it got cold. I was always secretly piqued when in films I would see parents tell their kids that food wasn’t for playing but for eating… Its so false.

The Japanese, for example, are the perfect embodiment of the idea that food should be enjoyed, both in taste, and visuals. The art of food presentation makes you take the time to really see what you are about to eat and appreciate it. To take the time to look and enjoy each bite is to really “give thanks” to the food you are eating.

I find myself getting lazy sometimes, a simple plate is tossed together and I eat it without so much of a glance in a hurried manner because I’m hungry and have just settled for the first thing under my hand, but part of my goals this year is to do as little of that as possible and find the beauty in all the aspects of my life, as simple as they may be, instead of searching for beauty and inspiration outside of my own reality (like on tumblr, per say)