Call of the Wild

by The Lingernots

I’ve been feeling nostalgic for travel lately… seeing new cities, the watercolor skies, meeting new people… Theres a certain feeling that reigns supreme when you are on a road trip and its in-immitable… I miss it!

Perfecting our Tetris car organization method…

Tucson morning and on our way to coffee on 4th street…

A friend and I were talking the other day and she asked me about what to pack if you plan on living in your car and the ocasional motel for a little while and thinking about it took me back.. so I made a little On The Road survival kit!

are we there yet?

Being in the car for hours, and then in a city and not always having  the luxury of a bathroom with a sink, your face can get really gross.. we were obsessed with Korres Pomegranate facial wipes, you can pick them up at Sephora, and they’re incredible. My hair gets gross fast and my day is ruined if I feel like my head is greasy in any way, having dry shampoo on hand when you know you can’t shower for another day (or two) is comforting… and sometimes its windy and theres nothing better than hiding in a lush beanie..

I’m not really sure how this would happen, but things, like toothpaste, would just VANISH from the car… you should keep an extra tube in the glove compartment, theres nothing grosser than dirty teeth..

A camera is self explanatory… I love keeping a notebook too, i read back on them later and stick weird flyers and business cards for cool places we visited.. Sunglasses for those ultra bright desert roads.. a coin purse for all that loose change you end up squandering on parking meters…

For clothes I like to keep it simple…. sitting for 6 hours in tight jeans is uncomfortable, but corduroy is perfect for that.. I picked up a warm hooded cape in Los Angeles and it was seriously a lifesaver. I also have never worn my flats that much before..

I don’t like eating too much when Im in the car because I’m just sitting there.. but those Yogi granola crisps make the best road breakfast ever when you haven’t reached your destination yet.. and those smoothies always feel good. I have nothing to say about Fig Newtons except that they are yummy and filling.

Most gas stations have hot water available for tea, hot chocolate or whatever weird coffee concoctions they have available, but I like bringing my own tea bags to be sure I get something I like. I love Miso soup and and instant miso is ready is a minute, we always had a box of it in the car.


Thats about it! Do you have anything to add?