Everyone loves PRESENTS.

by The Lingernots

Its true, and you can’t deny it.

The only drawback to the holiday thing is feeling like you have no clue what to get for that person and it starts to feel like homework. I’m a much bigger fan of seeing something that reminds me of someone and getting it and giving it to them. who needs an occasion? Its nice and all but december IS that month where all of a sudden everything looks shinier and prettier and once your finished buying yourself things that you like (admit it.) your kiiind of at a loss for everyone else.

Polyvore being weirdly relaxing, gave me an excuse to start a mini gift guide series, today I was poking around and thought about what might be rad if someone had just moved into a new place. Moving is both great AND stressful, you always forget something, and afterwards you tend to stay in your new place to make it perfect.

So heres a mini guide to fellow nesters! xoxo