caught me in my birthday suit

by The Lingernots

A while (years?) ago, while poking around on the Juxtapoz website, I came across a vignette for a feature interview with a beautiful pink haired vixen. Curious to see something other than bearded bespectacled dudes wielding spray cans, vinyl toys and tattoos, I clicked and a huge girl crush was born.

Natalia Fabia (whose name I lost when my last computer died prematurely, and who I couldn’t find online until today after an HOUR of googling things like “pink haired hooker paintings” or “pink haired painter Los Angeles” which gave me hundred of results on where to get pink hair extensions, where to see strippers in LA, or paintings of girls..) paints that girl you have the best time with, who can drink way more than you, who falls asleep in her tights with her makeup smeared halfway to sunday, and who you can’t stop thinking about.

She studied at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Her work is completely luminescent, loud, and mind blowing.  “Fabia is fascinated with hookers” is not an exaggeration, and my love of portraits, colors, sexy trouble makers and fantasy is completely fulfilled by her work.

DO check out her site!