The lucky ones die first.

by The Lingernots

What do The Hills Have Eyes (the first one), Car Cemetary, Road Warrior and Barbarella all have in common?

amazing costume and style!

Brandon and I were trying to figure it out while watching Car Cemetary, a french new wave punk film about a post apocalyptic jesus christ figure who sets to heal his mohawked and studded apostles with rock and roll and wisdom… (its gorgeous. theres angels in jars, mermaids and more billy idol lookalikes than one knows what to do with.

In this, Emanou (the jesus character) feeds the whole tribe by turning one burger into a sort of magic never ending supply of burgers.

Didn’t Ke$ha wear something like this recently? Blackbook magazine has also been raving about these stuffed animal hats. Well, here they are a good 20 years ago. post apocalyptic club kid knew it all along!

Fur and Feathers in the lush and evil lounge at the castle in Barbarella? They didn’t miss a beat in 68.

Jupiter, from the hills have eyes, doesn’t just eat babies, he accessorizes and he does it well. It must run in the family.

Ruby spends the whole movie running around in suede mini dresses that lace up, with feathers and bones and fur.. and her brother Pluto.. pretty much steals the show

Something about barren lands and feral people…. Road Warriors?

I want to see the deleted scenes where they’re sitting cross legged around a fire making each other those feathered collars. really.

Its the Settlers that take it to the next level with their crazy layering, bowie labyrinth brows, and chunky knits.

Mel Gibson can’t even handle it. Anyway, these are just a few of my favorite movies/ costuming. I love seeing how trends pop up and seem like a direct homage to old films, which in turn are all inspired by real life feats and times. It makes me want to be more innovative. I had more to say on this, but my laptop is running out of juice and I have to run off to yoga class.

Before I go, I’d love to hear what your favorite movies are in terms of costume design and why!

xoxo Elza