my own private jumanji?

by The Lingernots

I’ve been going through the photos that Brandon shot at the taxidermy shop. I remember walking in there and my senses being violently hit; visually, the place was amazing, dark, eery, masterfully crafted animals, it really looked like time had stopped… and also the olfactory rape that ensued. With little to no ventilation, the shop reeked supreme of dead feral beasties. I would totally go back though, but armed with a nose shielding scarf.

(On a trip to thailand and experiencing the sometimes unpleasant odors on the sky rail or the drying fish on the streets, I noticed how convenience store sold little bottles of essential oils to pat a drop or two under your nose.. instead of a rank fishy smell you are blissed out with eucalyptus or your oil of choice, GENIUS)

I would love to have a peacock or a barn owl. They are so so so beautiful, I’m scared the cat would try to eat it do I guess a glass case would have to be de rigueur. I saw a stuffed weasel at a yard sale once but he was really scary looking (angry and weirdly stuffed) and I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with him in my house. What are your thoughts on taxidermy? (wouldn’t it be weird if you did that to humans?)