saying goodbye to this year…

by The Lingernots

This may just be the change in season that is constantly unfolding, or maybe a feeling that things are coming to a sort of agreeable pace, but I am starting to see things in a more lucid, and musical way again. (It feels marvelous.)

Its hard to feel sad when you live in a city where its 72 degrees in december, but the air still holds all those wintery scents, the streets are red with dried leaves, its easy to smile.

I’m still on my own private mini vacation from being productive (When un-motivated, nothing will get me to destroy everything I’ve done, than forcing active productivity.)

So heres another post of the images that have been feeding me ideas, the ones that leave an impression, the ones that have been making me want to make again.

There is a project I have in mind for the upcoming year. I have never had a new years resolution, or a large scale project that I couldn’t just throw myself into until its finished. Lately I have been turning towards more consistent commitments; something where I can see transformation and moods. I want to use my eyes more, rather than finding images that are already taken, already magical, a curated gallery of eye candy, I want to find with my eyes, my own magic and photograph it, daily. Its a simple task, a photo a day, but its a commitment.

I’m looking for a smaller camera for this, something I can keep in my purse. I used to have a nikon coolpix and a small sony and I liked both of those a lot. Do any of you have any recommendations for a small yet still a bit customizable?