by The Lingernots

When I lived in Montpellier, I sometimes felt as if the town was very small and although I might be small in size, I felt its constraints on many aspects of my life, however, I was surrounded by amazing and talented people and I wanted to sort of focus on them today!

Jerome Romain

Jerome is one my favorite people, he has one of the most dedicated work ethics I have ever seen and also a serious talent. His apartment and studio smells like coffee and paint and hes a part of RVCA’s artist network program. You can (should) check out his works here.  He also used to run this photo blog where he would secretly shoot photos all day and post them, it was kind of anonymous and he did it diligently for over a year.  Its captivating, see it here!


Salome Devis

Salome takes photos and seems to always find that bit of quiet whimsy that so many search fruitlessly for.

Her blog is in french, but the photos are universal. visit here!

Enjoy the visual yummies, I cannot take this cafe’s music any longer. xoxo