I love:

by The Lingernots

On thanksgiving day, while walking around Congress avenue, free to peruse all the menus of the many enticing cafe, bar, food truck and little bistros hanging outside in the sweltering heat (seriously, 83 degrees?) we turned the corner and met a sharp fresh breeze, that turned into a chilled wind, and the weather dropped from 83 to 50 in about an hour. So, FINALLY, it FINALLY feels like winter and its kind of wonderful!

I’ve been searching for a little inspiration, a little bit of motivation, and something to get me going…
whether it be music, a book, photos… and a few things caught my eye.

Grandma’s Superhero Therapy.

A rad photo essay by french photographer, Sasha Goldberger, who, upon realizing his grandmother was feeling lonely and blue, invited her to dress up in crazy costumes, and take (amazing) photos all over the city. The result is beautiful. These are my two favorite shots.

Check it out here! and tell me which are your favorites!

Also, do you miss Derpy? I do. I buy so much vinyl but sometimes through youtube you find something you’ve never heard of, and more often than not, its nearly impossible to find copy of it, Dirpy converted the video into a downloadable mp3 version and, inevitably, shut down. Fear not pirate kittens, there is always an alternative! and its right here!

Its free and simple, yes, the ads are annoying, but are you really complaining?

I bought some watercolors and I think its time to get back into painting again!