Everything is relative.

by The Lingernots

I feel conflicted. One one hand, inspired, positively beaming with ideas, bursting at the seams. At the same time, tired, moody, and absolutely unable to get started on anything. Its almost worse than getting started and giving up, but really, both are terrible.

Me thinks its time to take care of my house and make it feel like a place where I want to sit down, make a mess and find a treasure. So, I’m going to read this lovely blog by Shannon Ashburn and poke around the Selby and maybe stop by a thrift store and see if anything can be done about this.

She has gotten SO much bigger! She is such a lover.

I had a great day at work yesterday, sometimes the shop (its in an old house) feels a bit haunted, but I think its the clothing, not the house. But if there are ghosts, they don’t seem to mind me twirling around in their old ball gowns. More on that another time.

Dress by Laced with Romance

xoxo darlings!