Soul Kitchen

by The Lingernots

Do you have these moments where you feel minuscule? Where you try and try and try to walk straight and keep your head up and smile, because its not as if your house had crumbled, your best friend has died, your limbs aren’t rotting… You push yourself to stay positive… and fail, miserably at that.

Sometimes, its okay to have a bad day, and to accept it. I always want life to be so beautiful, to sparkle, I want to be the princess of the ball, whether I’m running errands, cleaning, drawing or partying, sometimes I refuse to let myself relax, refuse to accept that I should be allowed to feel blue. I try to push it away and find little bursts of light and think everything is better… and then fifteen minutes later I’m once again on the brink of tears, unsure why, and doubly frustrated and feeling even more raw.

Sometimes I forget that to every up, is a down, that you don’t need a catastrophe to make it okay to be a little low, that its okay to spend time alone in bed just reading or watching a movie.. That every second doesn’t have to be spent creating, working, brainstorming, writing, planning…

Moving, isn’t easy. Moving to Austin, was, on many levels. We had a friend with a cute extra house (who has EVER heard of that kind of calling before????) and the neighborhood was the type of artistic, nurturing environment that we both needed in our lives at the moment. There are still the in betweens that challenge us from day to day, getting lost, job hunting when your the newest stranger, missing friends, not yet having new ones.. not having found those special places that recharge you when you feel a little drained from the city.. I have to remember that a little patience and understanding, goes a long way. You won’t make friends by hiding in your house all day, but you won’t make them either when your too down to be genuine.

I guess, what I’m trying to say is, take care of yourselves. Be nice to yourselves. Remember the things that comfort you and revel in them.

Heres my ever faithful collection of comfort things!