The Mafu Cage

by The Lingernots

Have any of you seen The Mafu Cage, with Carol Kane?

(you might remember her as the extremely hideous witch in the Princess Bride)

The other night, while haunting the shelves at our AMAZING video store (Vulcan Video, check it out here, specializing in cult weirdness Vulcan Austin!) I spotted this film and I picked it up for the cover

We picked it up and were blown away by the cinematic genius of the costumes, the decor, the photography, having never heard of this, it was a fabulous surprise! I couldn’t help but snap some photos to show you!

That was basically the first image, and I was a goner.

creeping in the garden in a beaded head-dress and caftan?!!


The color coordination in this scene made me die!

I’m going to put the rest of those photos on Flickr, because I CANNOT pick between them, and don’t want to drag this one on.

Were off to the nursery to pick up a little piece of jungle for ourselves!

ps. B and I have been married 6 months today (Swoons)