Take a walk on the wild side….

by The Lingernots

Started working at this sweet little vintage store right here in Austin, called Flashbacks. Theres a whole room of old prom dresses and its nearly IMPOSSIBLE to resist wearing them all day, I will say this though, trying to put some order in a room full of pouffy tulle dresses is akin to a rodeo… a big, lush, satin and brocade rodeo.

We got a kitten! A friend called us one night, saying that they had found this tiny black kitten with a perfect tuxedo and it needed a home and we could resist her big sad eyes and her go-go boots. She’s a total ham for the camera too.


She’s a sweetheart. We’ve named her something along the lines of Figaro Franklin Boodles. It changed constantly. Mostly you can tell if someone is talking to the cat because the pitch becomes disgusting and sugary.

I’ve been playing around on Looklet for the American Gold contest, I wanted to do two different looks

I wanted to piece something together that is a bit different from the brand’s usual aesthetic, and also play with a look that I generally wouldn’t really try on myself. I wanted an urban glamazon, who isn’t afraid to do what she wants. I love the way it came out!

And then I wanted to do one thats a little closer to my personal style. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love short dresses, leather and hats and piling on the jewelry. Looklet is too much fun, have you tried it out?

Now were off to Spiderhouse Café for Guadalupe Get Down! Bands, Booze and Puppies!