La Folie Verte

by The Lingernots

Highlights of the week:

*Theres a video rental place next door to my favorite breakfast café (on a creek, one block from our house) that specializes in thriller, sci-fi, horror and indie films. My De Palma obsession can be fully tended to.

*Our neighbor, Todd, strolls in the other night to borrow a cigarette and our coffee grinder, to blend the herbs for the absinthe he makes. what? yes. I just got a text saying “you should come home, theres absinthe and records”

*My mom is gonna visit before going back to Europe! yay! (happy birthday mom!)

*The soup peddler is next door to us. Do you know about this?

its organic soup delivered to your house, via bicycle! amazing.

and best of all, home feels like home.

Thats the vintage kimono I got in Tucson!

Also, FUNFUNFUN fest is tomorrow! I’m a bit more excited for the after parties (smaller, not outside, its been WINDY) and you don’t have to pick between one favorite band, or another, but, I LOVE the feel of a city when its in festival mode.

The last one I went to was hardly strictly bluegrass in SF, we saw Patty Smith, amazing. I keep her book Just Kids with me at ALL TIMES.

Okay lovers, time to go see if this Thujone and Wormwood beverage is as good as we hope!