Even for the worse, it would be better somehow

by The Lingernots

2nd time driving EVER...

When we were in Tucson, we decided to blast through New Mexico, to be able to spend an extra day in Austin (an extra DAY? we ended up moving here…)  We decided to drive through till we hit Albuquerque, which my phone’s intuitive text refuses to aknowledge..

We had never been to New Mexico, I was imagining dusty sands, unreal colors and a somewhat mystic feeling in the air, which was true when we were driving through the barren lands, pointing to Joshua Trees and tall cacti that looked like comical wizards standing on the interstate..

Those skies are something special

We arrived at night and were surprised by how how huge it was, and then by how it was made up of strip malls and freeway.. The next day we ventured out with our GIGANTIC and scary list of places to tear to pieces for vintage pieces, bared the wind, the grey… and found ourselves getting ill with frustration and feeling this general ILL..


I’ve always been sensitive to my surroundings, but have found that I have fun whether I’m in a silk robe in a bubble bath at some crazy house, or eating pizza on the sidewalk in mexico city, but something about this city felt so dismal and depressing… that we ended up running off to Santa Fe that night, and then from there, ran off to Texas, incredibly grumpy after getting lost in Santa Fe.

The positive side is that we did take some cool photos and the antiques in Albuquerque are beautiful and cheap. I would like to visit Madrid and Taos, but I’m going to wait a little bit before that happens…

How to hold hands when you have glass in your hand. Thanks Wind