Productive and buzzed

by The Lingernots

New Resume is DONE.

Its amazing how frustrating it is to try and introduce yourself thoroughly through a piece of paper, without painting a egotistical portrait of yourself (the amount of times “I” shows up in there is EXCRUCIATING) and trying to find the right words to carefully explain what it is you actually do.. mind numbing and brow furrowing.

Especially when I have a DVD boxset of Gore House classics to watch, a bowl of Wholefoods Gumbo and a new house to decorate with loverman. Its gray and rainy and WARM, so everything is luminous in this green light, eery and beautiful, I dressed in what I can only describe as a draped smurf and its time I claimed my free refill from the bar!

Below is my guide to the aforementioned Draped Smurfette, the coziest way to pretend your doing something important (hello? I’m TYPING my RESUME…) and not look you crawled from under the sofa, all grumpy and frumpy. notice the two sound similar. Excuse me, this coffee is strong, I’ve been here for hours, I am making NO sense. I think its HIGH time for Blood Mania and sewing.

Draped Smurf