Happy Halloween!!!! Homage to the REAL screamqueens

by The Lingernots

Happy Halloween!

I’ve had a lifelong obsession with 60’s scream queens and especially, their wardrobes. The childlike innocence, the un-intentional sex kitten looks, and the bloodbaths that follow! From the backwood femme fatale in a simple nightgown and her brother’s boots, to the sullen child in the strict schoolgirl dress, something about them screams perfection!

the girls of Spider-Baby

Daughters of Darkness

I put together this little guide to getting the look, mostly because I’m hungover, and it was a dreamy way to spend an hour.

Im not Perky
What’s your favorite horror movie? Do you ever style our outfits after the characters in your favorite movies?

I’m feeling cozy and cuddly this halloween and coming down with a nasty cold, so this halloween were having a terrifying cuddlefest. horror movies, soup (maybe tomato, to make it a LITTLE gory?) and records. Its been halloween ALL week here in Austin so I think we’ll be fine to skip on the bloody festivities downtown.

we hope YOU have a fantastic night! xoxo