The art of fashion, Do It Yourself!

by The Lingernots

There’s a fine line between identifying with fashion, whatever the latest trend is currently billed as an obvious DO, (whether its been your thing since the moment you could pick out your clothes, or its new and its lovely and you love it) and blending in invisibly with everyone around you, resembling a identical pool of catalogue stand ins… The everlasting “ugh” when you show up at a bar and you spot 3 or 4 people wearing the same thing as you, its never been fun and the only people that seem to enjoy elite uniforms were Heathers, and even they had their agreed personal colors (and they all died….)

This post is dedicated to all the crafty and ingenious ways to take a classic, and transform it into YOURS. Whether it be studding your leathers, braiding your scarves, decorating your cut-offs (pictured above), bedazzling, painting, restitching, shredding… the possibilities are endless!

What have you done to your clothes to make them your own? Your favorite DIY project? I’m blown away by the amount of great how-to videos on youtube and daily motion showing ingenious ways to enhance your clothes and accessories, with the amount of information out there, and the upcoming chill winter months, I definitely have a few projects that I can’t wait to finalize!

hope everyone has a gorgeous weekend! Its our first weekend in our new home in Austin, Texas!

xoxo Elza