Road Chronicles part 1

by The Lingernots

We decided to park Priscilla in Carlsbad for a couple of reasons: 1) It’s quiet and dark and better suited to sleeping in the car than other parts of San Diego 2) The Daily News Cafe on Carlsbad Blvd has ripping Bloody Mary’s that will no doubt begin our tomorrow.


So here we are in North County, San Diego debating silently wether or not to alert the small group of people that we know locally of our presence. We could get into cheap beers and bonfires on Ocean Beach or into delicate expensive cocktails at The Starlite downtown. OR, and most likely this  “OR” is the path, we stay put at this cafe  (It’s A Grind) with free WiFi and get some photos edited and some words tap tap typed about where we are and what the fuck it is that we’re doing (besides not showering). Tomorrow is set in stone for us, which is totally unheard of in our lives, but we have some errands to run. Serious ones. In the frantic hurry we found ourselves in while trying to escape the Bay Area, we managed to set sail just in time for our registration to expire. Awesome. If we had our druthers, we’d be halfway to Tucson, Arizona by now, but we have to spend an extra night in California to get Priscilla smogged and registered before we get pulled over for bunk tags and the cops find that my license is currently restricted to work related driving. Oops. In reality, THIS IS work related, but explaining that while everything we own is loaded into the back of a limousine somewhere in Shitville, Texas is a conversation I’d be supremely pleased to avoid).  Next Stop: Yuma, AZ for State Prison photoshoot! Anyone been to Yuma? Didn’t think so…


10//21//2010:: We just arrived in Yuma, Arizona after a rancid, showerless pair of days and nights in Priscilla the Limo. This being a pungent truth, we’ve decided to do the motel thing and get fresh and lovely for the evening, which, in a town as exciting as Yuma, I’m sure will be all sorts of un-epic.

//We’ve settled at The Yuma Cabaña for it’s salt-water pool and cheap price ($45 a night!) and it’s the only independently owned motel in all of Yuma. The plan- Tonight we stay mellow, i.e. movies, whiskey, and the pleasant Arizona autumn evening.  Tomorrow we heed the advice of Spanish Moss founder, Suzanna Moss, and get breakfast at The Cracker Barrel Old Country Store before we thrift at Cross Roads Mission. Mid-afternoon should find us at Yuma State Prison (it’s a state park now) to get some photos of an amazing dress we grabbed in LA. We’ll shoot until some security guard kicks us out for being too loud or naked, then it’s 6 hours ’til Tucson and another day of Road Rad.

Penny's 24 hour diner in Yuma, AZ

10//22//2010::  Tucson! Having left Yuma with four showers between us over eight hours, we arrived around 7:30pm and went shopping.  We began (and finished) with a lackluster foray into the local Buffalo Exchange to see what was lovely. Plenty of “Almost Awesomes” but nothing that warranted an immediate trip to the cash register. The massive upside was that prices were phenomenal compared to their SF, Berkeley, LA, and San Diego counterparts (all of which we managed to rummage through on our journey). According to Yelp there are about thirteen vintage and thrift shops in Tucson, six of which are piled into one relatively small area, which is precisely where we plan to lurk away the daylight hours of tomorrow before we plant Priscilla firmly on the freeway toward Mesilla, New Mexico. Currently we’ve squirreled ourselves into yet another late night cafe with free WiFi and copious power outlets to document our adventure. We’ve taken hundreds of photos, scribbled pages upon pages in journals, painted, drawn, written songs, and our eyes and hearts are open wider than we ever imagined they could be, yet there’s still so far to go. We love right now…


Day 9 of this latest highway adventure and She is sparkling and gorgeous, while He has ten day road beard and a peaceful five mile stare. Two nights in Tucson and the distinct feeling that we’ll find our way back to this place for a stretch that sings beyond a weekend. Between the food, the thrifting (which my spell-check ALWAYS converts to “thrusting”), and the general feel of the place, we genuinely look forward to having a week or so to dig a touch deeper than two days allows.

After a tearing into six or so thrift shops and coming out with a pile of loveliness, we had an epic salad at the aptly named Epic Cafe on 4th Avenue. From the bearded, black-clad cashier to the tranny with tattooed eyebrows, it felt like a welcome hiccup of San Francisco in the middle of the desert. That place was a massive crescendo before the evening nearly collapsed around The Medusa Hookah Lounge… Bright lights, no alcohol, not even coffee or tea. Just a mini-fridge with bottled water and soda. The only redemption was the friendly staff that tended dutifully to the coals above our guava tobacco, which we barely touched before the lights got to us and we needed to get OUT like a gay boy at a Mormon party. We slid our svelte selves into Priscilla and parked in Tucson’s quiet Barrio District before passing out to Metalocalypse episodes on the laptop.

Now it’s coffee and notes and planning for Albuquerque at Cafe Passé, where the WiFi is free but the refills aren’t… See you in New Mexico, Little Lovers.


To Be Continued